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Taito released the original Space Invaders arcade game in 1978, and as a high school student Satoshi Matsuoka created a masterpiece replica of Space Invaders for the Commodore PET in 1980.

Taito updated the original arcade game in 1979 with the release of Space Invaders Part II. The updated game featured more aliens, spawning aliens and different UFOs. This is an updated version of the original PET game that more closely matches the gameplay of that 1979 Taito version.


psi2.prg 24 kB

Install instructions

Download the .prg file, and load it into VICE or onto an actual Commodore PET.

The game has been tested on Commodore PET / CBM 3032, 4032 and 8032.


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Nice. You've got to be fast, the ones on the left hand row always seem to fire as soon as you start, so you have to move quickly to avoid being killed at the start of each life.

Excellent update!  Well done.

It works great on my 4032.

Great to hear that you tried it!

So awesome!

Thanks for playing a run through on your YouTube channel!

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Awesome projects! Have you created any programming tutorials for Commodore PET by chance? Posted any interesting content on GitHub?


Thanks! I haven't posted any tutorials. I did give a couple of talks on my games and the coding techniques at a European Commodore User Group, and also at the World of Commodore show hosted by the Toronto PET Users Group. I am thinking of a new game and might go the GitHub route though .. it's a good suggestion in case anyone wants to look at the code.

Fun game and great PETSCII graphics! Are the Invaders supposed to continually respawn during a level? That gives it an interesting twist.

Thanks FB .. when the respawning happens it becomes a bit of a challenge to "go back" to finish off another column that you had previously completed.


Wow, this looks great. Will try it in the next days on my 4032 🥰 thanks a lot, great work

Cool .. let me know how it goes.

very good