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Trainyard. Control the switches to get your trains to the right stations. A new game for Commodore PET/CBM, Commodore 64 and Commander X16.

Although I have now written 13 Commodore PET/CBM games and ported a few of those to the Commander X16, this is my first time writing a game for the Commodore 64.  And it is also really the first time I've worked with colour, pixel-level graphics and sprites on an 8-bit machine. Hope you enjoy the game no matter what platform you play it on!


typet.prg 17 kB
tyc64.prg 32 kB
tyx16.prg 18 kB

Install instructions

Pick the right prg for your platform: "typet" for Commodore CBM/PET 4032/8032, or "tyc64" for Commodore 64, or "tyx16" for Commander X16.


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Nice game, thank you. I also added that to my December's New Commodore 64 Games -video too.

Thanks for adding it.

I've added this to CommodoreGames as a download with a link to your Itch. I hope you don't mind this.

No problem with me .. thank you for doing this

very good

Thank you as always Marco.

Nice game!

Thanks! In those earlier levels you can speed the game up more using the "bonus" space bar train launcher.

Good job! And in addition special thanks for making Commodore 64 version. I hope you'll do more. :-)