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TrekWar - A Star Trek action game for the Commodore PET.  Shoot those pesky Klingon ships, and gather dilithium crystals to drop them at their storage facilities .. all while making sure you don't run out of energy or have your shields breached.

Keyboard controls: 

  • WASD for up, left, down, right.
  • QE for rotate counter-clockwise, clockwise. 
  • J to warp forward. K to fire photon torpedos.

You can play this game on an actual Commodore PET (models 3032, 4032 and 8032).

 Or you can play it on the VICE Commodore PET emulator (configure VICE to 4032 or 8032).

Or you can play it online. (i) Download the file, (ii) drag it onto Norbert Landsteiner's Commodore PET emulator (set the keyboard to GAMES, set the ROM to ROM2, and set the RAM to 32K): https://www.masswerk.at/pet/?keyboard=games&ram=32&rom=2


trekwar.prg 21 kB


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Absolutely insane what you're able to do with the PET! Watch TOJam organizer Michael play your beast of a game. Thanks so much for attending the jam!

Great game! It runs well on my 4032



You keep killing it with these PET games! Single-handedly keeping the platform alive, my dude 👍